Umberto Giannini Coily Curls Moisture review. Does it really work on natural curly hair?

Umberto Giannini Coily Curls Moisture – Revisited

A while ago I received the Umberto Giannini products in one of my monthly Curlee Boxes. (This product is available at boots so easily accessible.) The first time I tried them I didn’t feel like it was much to rave about so they stayed in the back of my hair product drawer until this week. Over the last couple of months I wanted to work through the products I already had after stopping my subscription.

Day 5 twist out hair – daily spritzed with Cantu curl revitaliser

I almost forgot about these products but I do have to say the packaging is attractive and it made me reach for them again. The website states that it is for


Intensive moisture rich, nourishing ingredients to hydrate, silkify and re-form. Vegan and cruelty free. Our COILY CURL range is for those girls with defined, super-powered curls!

Conditioner and shampoo review

I was impressed with the bottle

This week I used the Moisture and recovery curl conditioner and the sulphate free curl shampoo. I do like the pump bottle the conditioner comes in, something I wish other companies *cough * As I am *cough* would use for their hydration elation conditioner. And I think a lot of people are attracted to that its Vegan cruelty free.

The website also states that:

Enhance your curls with an out-of-this-world treatment that’s supercharged to intensely nourish natural curls! The Coily Curls Moisture Moisture Recovery Vegan Conditioner is a 100% cruelty-free source of hydration for thirsty curls – giving a frizz-free super silky finish and providing the ultimate protection for super curly girls.

So did it deliver ?

Day 5 hair twist out

I was happy with my results. I wear my hair in twist outs more often nowadays so I’m not sure what a wash and go looks like with these products. My hair was moisturised but not the best it’s been, other products have achieved more moisture.

I dont know if I would buy it again because it isnt a stand out range for me. Theres so many natural hair products out there right now and honestly I have tried other products with better results. This doesnt mean it was a bad product.

I like the packaging, it reacted well with my hair and I love that it is vegan and cruelty free. But I just have over favourite products I’d buy over these. However if you want to try something new and you want products that are cruelty free and vegan, I would say it’s worth a try especially as it’s in boots.

Available at boots

Umberto Giannini Coily Curls Moisture Shampoo £.800 250ml

Umberto Giannini Coily Curls Moisture Conditioner £8.25 250ml

Overall – not much to rave about. Was decent but not super moisturised.


Info on my hair:

  • 3c/4a
  • Low porosity
  • High density
  • Waist length

I hope you found this review helpful. Have you tried this product or wanting to try it? Anymore questions feel free to ask below also.

Lissy xoxo

3 responses to “Umberto Giannini Coily Curls Moisture review. Does it really work on natural curly hair?”

  1. Saabirah Lawrence avatar

    I have nearly finished the twisting cream and I really like it, I was wondering If I should try any of their other products, I think after this review I might try their styling products over a shampoo and conditioner x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lissy avatar

      Ah cool you have tried one of their products. I was apprehensive to try them but I was pleasantly surprised. I might try their twisting cream then too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Saabirah Lawrence avatar

        I was veryyyyy apprehensive as it’s a new brand trying to create hair products for natural hair 👀


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