Black and mixed race girl in dark academia style clothing

There is something about the dark academia style that really feels like you’re being transported into lavish, grand and old style educational era buildings. Whether you’re going solo browsing huge libraries, admiring art work in a museum with friends or a partner or you just want to incorporate this look into your wardrobe here are some ideas of how to achieve the dark academia style

Dark academia doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and there are definitely ways to update your dark academia style for 2022 with different style elements and or accessories to this look.

So what is dark academia and how does one get this style?

Dark academia grand library

Dark academia is one of the trendiest styles of 2021. With a lot of students learning from home during the lock down there was an emergence of academia styles worn at home flooding onto social media. If you’re trying to picture what Dark academia is, picture Oxbridge universities mixed with gothic vibes. It has an emphasis on education, literature, Greek art, writing, old city architecture style moods.

Tweed blazers, big coats, cardigans, turtle necks, plaid trousers or skirts , thick jumpers, button up tops and blouses all incaptulate this look but has to be in a earthy colour pallete. Team it with accessories such as a satchel bag, classic style glasses, boots, broques, Oxford shoes, alice shoes, chunky shoeswith some neutral coloured cosy socks. And of course there is a lot of layering to complete the look.

These styles are best worn in colder climates and really reminds me what I like about London and other historic cities. The gothic dark aesthetic mixed with the classic architecture feels somewhat romantic when walking around this scenery in this style on a gloomy day. As gloomy days are of a high occurance in Britain so why not indulge in this darker mood style and make the most out of the unsatisfactory weather we have by playing with this style. Here’s some keys elements to creating the dark academia look.

1. Blazers

Black girl in dark academia style clothing dark blazer, white shirt and brown trousers

2. Plaid trousers and skirts

3. Oversized coat

4. Blouses

5. Cardigan

White blonde lady outside Old building in dark academia style clothing. Fall/Autumn clothing, brown cardigan and plaid tarten trousers. Holding a old vintage book

6. Jumpers

7. Turtle neck

8. Shoes and boots

9. Accessories

10. Sweater vest

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