If you’re like me and you’re introverted, sometimes you just need to have that alone time to recharge. However I’m guilty of sometimes not venturing out much, hardly at all; even in Summer. For me Autumn is my favourite month, I love getting out my jumpers and cardigans and the air feeling fresh not sweltering hot – because boy Im a sweater!

It’s lovely to take yourself out and it doesn’t just need to be to restaurants, you could go to a library or just for a walk. Even though there is a romantic element to the Dark academia aesthetic it also encompasses that solo activity vibe where you can get lost in art, literature or a beautiful scenic autumn view. So here’s to taking ourselves out for dates however simple or lavish and here are 5 dark academia solo date ideas for you.

1. Browse bookshops for vintage books to read

2. Visit art galleries and museums

3. Browse libraries for old books to read

4. Visit coffee shops

5. Go for walk around Old buildings

Have you gone on any dark academia style solo dates recently? Or do you have any more ideas to add? Let me know in the comments below.

Lissy xoxo

One response to “5 Solo date Dark Academia ideas for the introverted.”

  1. […] you’re being transported into lavish, grand and old style educational era buildings. Whether you’re going solo browsing huge libraries, admiring art work in a museum with friends or a partner or you just want to incorporate this look […]


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