Celebrating Black History Month in the UK and also being spooky season. Here are some amazing black art of all things fantasy. Growing up I never saw myself in any fantasy delectations. The darker people were always on the evil side and were always not even human looking. – thank you j. R. R tolkien. But with people being able to showcase their art online it hS been great to see the diversity I’ve always craved.

So if you’re like me and thinking about being a witch, elf, woodland fairy or another fantasy character here are some great art works that could inspire you.

(Photos are not mine, I try and give credit as best as possible. If you see your photo and want it taken down or credit modified correctly. Please do not hesitate to contact me to do so)

Curvy black fairy drawing holding up a goblet. Curly black hair, white dress and white wings
Black or mixed raced with. Light brown eyes and caramel skin and light brown curly afro hair. Wearing a brown witch hat and stath
Black with dancing, casting spells with green clothing, goblincore woodland style
Ethnic elf with curly blonde hair
Drawing of a black witch with green witch hat. Sitting with thee witch utensils around her. Her cat is pierced next to her looking up

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