You don’t have to jet set out of the UK to dig your toes into some sand and have blue waves from the sea gently cascade over them.

Nope you can experience this in England and though hot summer weather is NEVER promised here you can still visit the great sandy beaches that the UK has to offer.

The beaches

We stayed in Newquay for a day so we only got to visit 3 beaches on the right hand side of Newquay.

Be prepared to climb quite a bit of stairs to have access to many of these beaches but I can assure you that it is worth it!

Tolcarne Beach

This is one of the smaller and more central beaches. When we visited during this day it was rather over cast however the weather did brighten up throughout the day. This beach was the most crowded compared to the others. But I put this to it being more central to the Newquay Town centre and also it being smaller. There was surfing school operating there as well as a refreshments bar which probably added to the higher crowds.

It was in a cove and there were quite a few steps to get down to it. I did enjoy this beach but we were ready to explore more.

Lusty Glaze Beach

This beach was closed as there was a private function. But this is where we parked our car. This is probably why we tended to stay on this side if Newquay more. There are lots of beaches to explore but we only had a day in Newquay so we didn’t have time to see them all. This also had steep hill access and a few stairs to get down.

Porth Beach

If you’re planning on running from your beach towel to sea… You might be in for a long run! Because the length of the beach to the sea seems to go on endlessly. I haven’t seen a beach like it and I liked the uniqueness of it.

Whipsberry Beach

This was my favourite beach for a number of reasons

  • It was much more secluded and hardly any other people on this beach.
  • It had some amazing caves
  • There was also amazing rock formations
  • Big wide beach

This beach was really peaceful and we spent the most of our time here. Its on the far end of Newquay but definitely worth visiting.

We also took the time to adventure around the rock formations and caves. It felt like we were on a setting of a film.

Again there were a lot of stairs to climb and go down but this is common for the beaches we visited in Newquay.


I’m not a surfer so cannot tell you what the beaches are like for surfing activities but what I can say is that I’m outstanded by having these sort of beaches in the UK and it was well worth the visit. I did not enjoy the city centre too much but fully enjoyed the beaches.

Are you thinking of visiting Newquay? Or have you been to any of these beaches? Let me know in the comments below.

Lissy xoxo

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