I told myself I’m ready for the maximalist life but I never thought how much I would actually fall in love with it. Ive been spying really cozy and lovely maximalist spaces online. My desk has always been quite bare and in my first attempt to spruce it up for Halloween their still wasnt much going on (see before pics below). But then I started to really search around my room and opening all my cupboards to find what I could and luckily I did find and also make a lot of things I am happy with how my desk space has turned out.

Crafting is something that has made me really happy recently and it feels me with so much joy to be able to Decorate my spaces, wear and use crafts I’ve made. I do love gothic elements too, especially skulls so you will prob see them throughout my own style. And it was especially fun decorating the space for Halloween, I could go very overboard with my love for skulls.

Here are some before and after photos. I hope you find some inspiration to transform your own space. There is something so comforting about maximalism and I love it.



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