How to dip dye curly hair emerald green.

I have never dyed my hair a bright colour, not even in my grunger teen phase (partially because there were no how to videos and also I wasnt allowed). But after coming through a horrid bout of shingles on my face I felt I needed a change.

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Dyed curly Green emerald hair . dip dye

I had already set myself a goal to grow my hair so now I wanted a bit of pizazz and yes possibly relight my emo phase too. So I decided to just dye my ends so I could cut it off if I really didn’t like it.

I have been drawn to the colour green a lot lately and Ill definitely say its one of my favourite colours. Possibly because we were all locked in out houses for a while and it was great to be outside in nature. Being in nature has become so important for my mental health so perhaps that’s why I’ve been more and more drawn to this colour.

So I guess what not have the colour in my hair?

I will share with you the process of what I did. But a *disclaimer I am not a professional, I am just showing you what I did and how I achieved this colour.

The process

Firstly it was off to the local hair shop. I had watched A LOT of Brad Mondo videos on YouTube (if you’ve ever looked up hair dying on YouTube you’ll know who they are) and also black people who had uploaded their process of dying the hair a similar colour or just green in general.

1. Buy products and choose colours

I used Crazy Colour in Peacock Blue and Pine Green. I thought the colours would look good mixed together.

I was thinking about using the Brand Adores Electric lime and Clover but I preferred the the Crazy Color ones as they were more deeper tones. The last thing I wanted was to have the Joker green shade on my hair.

There’s nothing wrong with the colour but it’s just not the shade I was aiming for.

I had to bleach my hair first so I’ll show you what I got in the next part.

2. Bleaching your hair

What you need:

I made sure I had gloves on and mixed the powder and the cream bleach together, you want it to have a thick consistency not too watery but also not too stiff.

Always do a test patch!

I did my patch test and it turned out fine. It was a yellow colour but as I’m doing green I wasn’t bothered. I didn’t have the best method in keeping the bleached ends in. As I used multiple shower caps held with crocodile clips. (see above pic)

But it did the job fine!

Yellow tippee hair was defo a strange look

After you have left the bleach in for the designated time and washed it out (I can’t quite remember how long I left it on for, perhaps 30 mins) it’s time for the messy fun part!

3. Adding the hair colour

Make sure you’re wearing gloves and again do a patch test. Also yes it’s gonna get messy!

I wasnt sure what ratios to use but I saw on someone’s video that you should make lots in the hair dye pot if you are mixing colours because you don’t want to run out and then top it up with too much of one of the colours.

I added the colour and again I can’t remember how long I left it for but it follow the instructions on the dye packaging. I think I must has left in longer. I would also say perhaps try doing it during day light hours because it was dark by the time I washed out the hair dye and as my hair was wet it looked very dark.


Dip Dyed curly Green emerald hair

Voila! The next day when my hair was dry I was pleasently surprised how vibrant it was and the the colour turned out exactly how I wanted. I was so pleased.

dip Dyed curly Green emerald hair
dip Dyed curly Green emerald hair


The colour came out how I wanted and I loves the shade of green. I also loved how it looked like on my curly hair. I am very happy about it, the only thing is I wish I did it sooner!

Are you thinking of dying your hair or do you have any more questions? Leave your comments and questions in the comment box below.

dip Dyed curly Green emerald hair

Lissy xoxo

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