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Over the last year I have been trying to find my own personal style. I have been on a journey of self discovery and I have been thinking about my style even more. Being in my 20s during the 2010s I found that it was quite uninspiring time in fashion but 2020s have really inspired me and being in my 30s I have been thinking about how to make it my own. I have been playing with more masculine styles in my style this year and have been really loving it. Im feeling more me and comfortable. In this post I discuss and share photos of the baggy clothes athebs I have really been loving.

One of the main reasons the colder months are more my favourite months is because of the layering I can do. I love me a oversized sweatshirt and more recently I have been drawn in on the baggy combat style trousers. I literally haven’t taken my green pair off. I love wearing more “masculine” style clothes or should I just say love wearing clothes with more of a baggy fit. There is something about how I feel I’ve changed how I move through the world depending how comfortable I feel in my clothing. And baggy “tomboy” clothing is definitely making me power stride down to the local tescos lately.

@ alokvmenon

After reading @ alokvmenon’s (author, poet, speaker, comedian) Instagram post about ‘the invention of women, a colonial history of gender’ where he talks about Nigerian scholar Oyeronke Oyewumi’s book. They discuss how ‘the category “woman” did not exist in Yorubaland prior to European colonisation”.

Creation of women as a category was one of the very first accomplishments 9f the colonial state

Oyeronke Oyewumi

Throughout the last few decades women have been incorporating more “masc” styles into their clothing. More recently we have seen a shift from skinny jeans to baggy trousers but of course lots of people still wear skinny jeans, I’m thankful for the comfortability baggy trousers give. I’m really enjoying mixing masc and fem styles together and for me baggy clothes have been fun to incorporate into my style nowadays.

So here are some amazing photos of people of colour really rocking this style effortlessly because who still saying gender representation should be so rigid anymore.

(Most photos are not mine unless tagged introvert_in_wonderland. I try and give credit as best as possible. If you see your photo and want it taken down or credit modified correctly. Please do not hesitate to contact me to do so)

@ tadiorx
@ Simone.vertt
@ Simone.vertt
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@ Whitney peak
@ Megan trong
@ Megan trong
@ Megan trong
@ Megan trong
Mv. Tiangue

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