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Another new year and I’m excited for really coming into my fashion. I’ve moved more to the inner city and I love the charity shops around here. Plus as my sister claims I’ve started to dress more inner city and suburban. I find the inner city style fun, exciting and inspiring. When I was living in the surburbs there were some people who dressed differently but mainly not what I was seeing here or online.

One of things Ive had to remember is that what I see people wearing online sometimes doesn’t really equate to what people are wearing in real life, plus people who are my age (millennial) . I see a lot more experimentation with gen z but one thing society does that I hate is the disregard for when you age and I mean like as soon as you step out of your 20s.

It’s wild but what also makes trends and fashion exciting for me is making it into my own and adapting it to my wardrobe.

So firstly you don’t need to jump on every trend, I find it fun to pick ones I like and incorporate them to what I already have. I have been trying to find my style more over the last year and for some people who are my age who were in their early 20s in the 2010s think what’s the point? But personal style evolution is for everyone, whatever age and shouldn’t fall into the trap of once youre out of your 20s your shouldn’t really partake.

For me there is something amazing about finding an outfit you feel powerful in. Recently my purchase of baggy cargo pants has made me feel that way, the gender fluid style really makes me feel comfortable as I talk about here. I was apprehensive about buying a pair as I saw quite a few people in them but once I put them on I thought, wow! This trend was one for me.

So let’s talk about the new year we are in and what trends may be coming up and how you can wear them.

(Photos are not mine, I try and give credit as best as possible. If you see your photo and want it taken down or credit modified correctly. Please do not hesitate to contact me to do so)

Capri pants

Boxing boots

Silver, metallic accents

Colourful tights and socks

Faux fur. Fur hats and coats

Will you be trying any of these trends this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Lissy xoxo

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