We all remember Kylie Jenner’s 2016 look with teal green dyed ends, thats pretty much etched in our minds. This was a colour I wanted to go for at the end of last year but with more emerald green. I ended up dying the tips of my curly hair green and loved how the colour looked, however I was thinking about different hair styles. If you were like me and had never dyed their hair a bright colour you might want something more understated or even you might adventure into hair dye styles which have been more adventurous over the years.We have seen Money piece and skunk and peek-a-boo dye jobs become popular in the last few years so you may be thinking Dip dye isn’t something new.

Photos: Unknown, @ Uchechiixo

The colour is growing out of my hair and I do want to dye it again, I am thinking of doing more of a blunt dup dye, I love how structured it looked. However I am not sure how this will look on curly hair. I am not sure if the bluntness will even show up.

dip dyed emerald green curly hair
My dip dyed curly hair

If you’re looking to try a new look this year and like the look of the dip dyed look, heres some inspiration in different colours and styles of the blunt dip dyed look.

Disclaimer- These photos are not mine unless tagged that are. I try and find the source and give credit to the owner of the image. If you see your image and want it to be taken down or credit changed please don’t hesitate to contact me)

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