While you’re being creative, nothing is wrong. There is no such thing as a mistake, and any drivel may lead to a breakthrough.

John Cleese

Today I tried to embroider a plain t-shirt I got as part of a set for a pyjama set. And it did not go to plan at all. I was definitely overly ambitious accompanied with not really knowing what I was doing. I also should have left the first part of the embroider design as how it was but I persevered with not much knowledge and royally messed it up.

I was annoyed at myself at first and said the usual

I should have left it as it was”

But from being in therapy my therapist pointed out I was living my life with a lot of ‘should haves’. I realised if I didn’t carry on I would always be wondering what it would look like if I did. Ultimately I would have given it a go regardless.

text on image says. While youre being  creative, nothing is wrong. There is no such thing as a mistake and any drivel may lead to a break through.

This situation prompted me to write this blog post because I’m recognising that I am more accepting of my creative “mistakes”. But as the title says I don’t believe there are creative mistakes. Before I would have been stunted if a project didn’t turn out how I wanted it do. I do a lot visualisation in my head and sometimes the end result isn’t quite how I imagined. However since I have changed my outlook on it my mistakes have made other projects emerge in ways I would never have imagined. Not being afraid to ‘fail’ has encouraged me to learn different techniques with crochet and knitting which has made my creativity expansive.

I have also found that letting go and being more free with my creativity has enabled me to explore different crafts and ways of being creative. There have been a few that I haven’t aligned with and couldn’t get my head around so I didn’t pursue them further but there have been ones that I have surprisingly enjoyed. I really have liked the process of trying new things and having the confidence to give it a go. It also shows me more and more what I do like doing creatively.

You don’t have to be perfect at something, give it go you never know what creative vortex you might end up in.

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